Insomnia Talk

I’m what you would call a professional student. With the amount of classes and courses I’ve taken, I should have a PH.D. Then again, I’ve changed majors countless of times. Here’s my thought…

We’ve changed so many things in our lives and how we do it. I mean we have drones deliver products! Why is that we still think of school in the same old fashion? I’ve seen videos and Ted Talks on how we should upgrade our way of educating our children, but the same should be said about college. Not everyone needs to go to school for 2 to 4 years. Especially those in the tech field.

I’ve been learning how to code and learning programming methods by using and other websites. Some of these websites give you a certificate of completion. How is that any different than college?

I understand that some professions need that 4-year degree or more, like medicine, but even then we can update our way of teaching the class. With all this amazing technology around us, why can’t we try? Does our government really not want us to progress? People work from home and yes there is online schooling, but that’s not for everyone. We’re the only country, that I know of, that makes sure students are in debt the moment they graduate college.

I don’t mind paying some here and there for the classes that interest me the most. I want to think out of the box and not just do the curriculum you think is best for me. Especially someone like me who loves to study and learn as much as I can.

The point is, just like I say we need to look at mental health differently, education is definitely one of those topics that need to be spoken about more and looked at differently. We need to open up our minds again and think out of the box. We’ve become too complacent with what we have in front of us and we have stopped making advances towards a better world.

Just my two cents, while I struggle to sleep.

Thanks for reading đź’•
– The Grumpy Hippy ✌️

Coffee Shop Tales

May 16th, 2017

It’s a rainy day, the sky is gloomy yet beautiful.

Two birds feast among garbage on the road.

The sky looks like it’s crying, but not tears of sadness, nor tears of joy, just tears.

She tries to show her light, but the grayness takes over.

People go by, living their lives as they normally do.

I sit here in a coffee shop, looking out a stained glass filled with water drops it’s collected from the sky.

The jazz is blaring, some people reading, others getting together for a good laugh.

If all this were to disappear, where would we be? How would we survive? Could we survive? Will our natural instincts, our “survival skills” help us through? Or are we so accustomed to this easy life, that we wouldn’t even know where to begin?

The times have surely changed, even though there is still much of the same occurring within out lives.

We no longer have the monarchy, we no longer need heirs, but we still use our heirs to move forward into power.

We still need the right name to move forward.

We still need to be the right color to sometimes succeed.

Lands are still being dominated and taken over by foreigners.

We still fight wars but with greater arms.

We no longer stop to admiring nature.

We no longer stop to give thanks for the beauty that still surrounds us or has survived our human touch.

We no longer care for the simple things in life (as I write this using an iPad with a digital typewriter app in a coffee shop).

The sky is no longer gray. The blue has parted ways with it and is now shining her lightness among us.

Is the sky happy that I’ve noticed her tears?

Is this why she parted ways?

Don’t let the blue fool you, she still has tears falling down her face. Half the sky is blue, the other somewhat still gray, but the rain is still all over.

We live in different times we do. I imagine myself writing this in a beautiful gown, red, under a tree with a beautiful updo.

I see myself letting the wind pass through my sleeves as I hear my mother call out to me from the house that’s a good 2 miles away.

I see myself having a suitor that gallops in his beautiful brown horse just to greet me and take me away to the field of flowers he knows I love so much.

I long for simpler times. I long for the times I’ve only read about.

Her tears have stopped. The sun is starting to expose herself to us.

Yonder by the mountains the sky is still somewhat gray, feeling cold and alone. Perhaps she needs to release some tears.

My mind wanders back to the reality of things… sitting in a coffee shop, the jazz is blaring, and I’m only still the girl that dreams of better times.


She wandered aimlessly down the street. No destination in mind, no place to be. Every thought passed right through her, unaware of the damage it has caused. She tried to close her eyes, she tried to fall asleep, only to be awoken again by those nightmares… she dares not speak of them.
Maybe listening to music might help, maybe a word puzzle, something… nothing.

She returns home, lights off, complete silence, rooms empty.

She sits in the living room, then the dining room, finally her bedroom. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts… she couldn’t even tell you what they were. She doesn’t know herself.

Nightmares, those hellish nightmares that bring her those thoughts. The people in her dreams, the ones she has tried to forget only to linger along her path. Everywhere she looks, there they are, everywhere she turns, the memory pops back up. Good memories, no… bad people… no… just go AWAY!

A piece of her is missing. Does she listen to her dreams? Confusion. Stability. Unhappy. There are rules that must be followed. Rules… yeah, those things.

Wake up tired, no empathy, it’s her fault. Suffer… She wishes that she could agree that it was her fault.

Damn thoughts, they are back, what fucking thoughts? “The ones that make me stay up”, said she. Fuck fuck fuck…

She wishes she could understand herself more at times. She wants to explain what it is that keeps her up, She wishes she knew what kept her up.

Midnight… close your eyes… time for the ride…
AWAKE again.

– the grumpy hippy